Come Away With Me

My Ministry 

I hope you have taken the time to read through the links on the last page. These represent my truths, which my Father has successively handed down to me in these last ten years.

If you have read and understood the contents, you will see that not only do I believe, but, I know that I am Christ returned.  I am in the process of fulfilling the destiny which my Father gave me:  Leading mankind to Eden.  

'With every act of love, heaven moves closer to earth.'  

My message for this world is a simple one. Love. Even if you don't believe in the existence of God, Love. Love everyone and everything which forms a part of your life. What comes back to you is directly proportionate to what you put out. As you live more and more of your days in love, your life becomes filled with more and more love.  As you live more and more of your life in love, you will move closer and closer to God...

If you have any questions I may be reached at the following address:

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